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Feel free to check out all of our package deals. Talkt offers three distinct plans (sales, support, office) tailored to meet your needs in industries such as: Consumer Law, Start-ups, Trucking and Custom solutions.If you can’t find the solution that fits all of your criteria, please contact us in order to request pricing. We will create a tailored offer in order to help your brand succeed with extensive and custom built-in tools.

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    Businesses nowadays cross borders and regions. Contact us and we’ll set you up in no time. As a service provider we’ll help you go beyond any border seamlessly.


    Plan: Basic

    • Custom dashboard
    • Prioritize calls & automate assignments
    • All contacts in one place
    • Sales force automation
    • Reporting

    *price for annual charge per user/month


    Plan: Basic

    • Prioritize calls & automate assignments
    • Customer support automation
    • Communication automation
    • Automated FAQ bot (UNL)
    • Hardware phone integration (VoIP)

    *price for annual charge per user/month


    Plan: Basic

    • Communication automation
    • Hardware phone integration (VoIP)
    • Software phone support (Zoiper)

    *price for annual charge per user/month

    *price for annual charge per user/month

    Sales & marketing

    Never miss a lead.

    Close deals with ease and integrate your sales pipelines for maximum profit.

    Customer support

    Never miss an interaction.

    Connect your clients with just the right expert and continue conversations where they left off.


    Never miss a call!

    Make yourself available 24/7 with call automation with your personal business phone.

    About us

    With a focus on multichannel communication, talkt enables seamless interactions across various platforms, enhancing connectivity and collaboration. The platform also offers robust task management and automation features, streamlining workflows and increasing overall productivity. Easy integration with existing tools combined with flexible pricing options proves our commitment to providing an accessible choice for businesses of all sizes.

    All in one CRM solution.

    Two decades – that’s how long most companies have been tolerating the usage of multiple platforms with a user “unfriendly” approach to their teams, reducing results and increasing stress and issues. We have fixed that.