Pricing plans for start-ups CRM

Our start-ups CRM is specifically designed to empower emerging businesses by providing customized tools for effective client interactions, cutting-edge AI-powered analytics, and live, actionable data that adapts to the start-ups changing processes. talkt has transparent pricing with no extra fees for additional features. Explore our pricing options to find the plan that best fits your company requirements and budget.

talkt’s “CRM for sales” offers a sales-specific CRM tailored for start-ups in different sectors. It provides three tiered pricing options: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise, each designed to enhance revenue growth for these businesses.

Our support-focused CRM software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of start-ups. To empower your support teams, we offer tailored pricing plans: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Check them here.

talkt’s CRM system for offices is crafted to meet the office management needs of start-ups. It comes with two pricing plans, Basic and Professional, that cater to the specific needs of office administrators in this sector. The system helps with document management and administrative task coordination, making it easier for startups to manage their offices efficiently.





Custom UcaaS
Custom communication platform for your business
Workflow Management
External notifications  
Bulk tasks import  
Task management  
Working hours for chat support  
Communication & Marketing Automation
Phone, SMS, E-mail
Interactive voice response
Voicemail-to-Mail automation
Transfer to GSM ( SMS and VoIP)  
Team messaging
Direct communication
Inbound - Free
Fee Porting fee  
Advanced call analytics  
User work reports  
Email integration
Open APIs  
Hardware phone support - VoIP
Softphone support
Up to 10 agents 5 UNL
Up to 500 interactions agent / month UNL UNL

Why use our CRM for start-ups?

Our CRM system offers adaptable solutions designed for sales, customer support, and office management teams in start-ups. With three adjustable plans (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise), you can pick the option that best meets your company’s needs. For those wanting a complete solution covering all three areas, we’ll work closely with you to create a custom package that best fits your business needs.