Our expertise in trucking software

talkt is the premier choice for trucking businesses. talkt helps improve communication, boost productivity, and optimize internal operations. Our powerful platform increases profitability and promotes teamwork within the trucking companies. talkt provides a unique set of tools: a cloud-based phone system and a multi-channel CRM designed specifically for the automotive and transportation industry. It’s like having a personal assistant that helps your company reach new heights.

Partnering with talkt will revolutionize your trucking business. Its focus on transparency and automation streamlines your operations, boosting efficiency. By using talkt, you unlock the potential for unprecedented achievements within your company.

    Unified communications.

    Seamless communication is essential for smooth operations. Gone are the days of juggling multiple apps or missing important updates. Our integrated communication system brings together all aspects of trucking, allowing teams to work effortlessly, share information seamlessly, and provide top-notch service.

    Automate any business process.

    Introducing automation into the trucking industry processes offers a strategic pathway to bolster operational efficiency, diminish dependence on manual tasks, and unleash the full potential of the trucking teams.

    CRM made for you.

    Through our adaptable CRM system tailored for the trucking industry, you acquire the freedom to customize it to align precisely with your specific need and workflow. talkt guarantees effortless integration into your business processes, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.


    According to ATA there are estimated shortage of over 60,000 drivers in the U.S. as of 2021


    That is the average turnover of drivers per company according to ATA as of 2021


    New truck drivers in 2019 according to American Translators Association.


    That's how much on average a truck driver spends on the road weekly. According to ATRI


    Pricing plans for trucking companies

    Our tailored pricing packages, crafted specifically for trucking companies, aim to accommodate your budgetary constraints while offering the flexibility to scale and adjust plans. Explore our pricing options to find the optimal plan tailored to meet the unique requirements of your trucking company.


    For dispatchers and after hours

    • Communication & Automation
    • Custom & Predefined follow-up template
    • Live reports
    • Task management



    For HR

    • HR pipelines
    • Business process automation
    • Skill-based assignment
    • Bulk tasks import


    *price for annual charge per user/month