Drive Safe, Stay Updated with talkt

    Redefining Fleet Management

    in Real-Time

    At talkt, we prioritize your driver’s safety and truck maintenance. Receive instant notifications on safety violations and maintenance issues as they occur. Every event seamlessly translates into a task, ensuring that no concern goes unchecked.

    Real-Time Alerts:
    Be in the know instantly with our live data stream, alerting you to any safety or maintenance issue.

    Task Management:
    Each alert becomes a task, guaranteeing systematic follow-ups and resolutions.

    Integrated with Samsara:
    talkt proudly integrates with Samsara, harnessing live truck data to provide you with unparalleled insights.

    Fewer Missed Calls


    Increased Transporter Performance


    Reduced Dispatch Time


    With talkt, you can enjoy a range of powerful features, including multichannel communication, task management, automation, and much more. Our CRM system enables you to manage your fleet, clients, and contacts with ease, while our phone support feature allows you to take calls anytime, anywhere, and route them intelligently to the right agent.

    Choose talkt, and drive your fleet into a safer, more efficient future.