Grisha Ivanov

Experience: 8 years


Grisha is the Founder of talkt as of 2019. He’s consistently increased quarterly and annual sales with a steady temp over the years. He is a decisive and results-driven executive with vast experience in software engineering and development. Not only he has a proven track record and excellent performance with various software applications in the past but he is also a team player and builds strong relationships with the team. Apart from being the founder at talkt, in his career, he has managed the development of new apps, websites, programs for customers, and many more management processes that have changed the way businesses operate. Grisha can quickly enter into new domains which makes him an invaluable part of every project and business. With every initiative he takes on, he provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative and robust strategy and culture. Talkt is one of the products he has his hands on and is already gaining speed in the omnichannel solution scope. When he’s not working he loves to spend time with his lovely family - his wife and their two children. He’s the type of person whom you can expect to see on an electric scooter cruising through the city or simply find him spending time with his friends and family in the mountain. Grisha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from one of the most well-known universities in Bulgaria - “The Technical University of Sofia” and is constantly upgrading his knowledge with different courses every year.