Daniel Rangelov

Positions: CEO, Co-Founder
Experience: 8 years


Danny, has established a remarkable career marked by significant roles in both a leading consumer law firm and an innovative technology company, amassing over a decade of dedication and expertise. His journey over the past ten years has been defined by his skill in designing and optimizing accounting systems, with a focus on enhancing the processes for tracking revenue and projections. This expertise has been particularly valuable in sectors with unique cash flow challenges. Beyond accounting, Danny's commitment to excellence encompasses a broad array of business operations. He has a proven track record of solving complex process challenges with innovative solutions, leading to his involvement in crucial areas such as process design, resource allocation, direct marketing, technology product development, and managing international projects. At his core, Danny is proactive, embodying the qualities of a doer, solver, and entrepreneur, driven by a passion to enact positive change. He holds the belief that the challenges faced by one organization often reflect wider industry issues, thriving on the opportunity to transform such challenges into catalysts for growth and innovation. Danny's career is distinguished by a relentless pursuit of excellence and an exceptional ability to spot and nurture untapped potential within various business landscapes. He has refined his ability to navigate the complexities of multiple industries, leveraging challenges to drive transformative growth. As Danny moves forward in the dynamic business environment, his primary goal remains to significantly contribute to organizational success, fostering a culture of innovation and resilience.